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Complaint Review: All Motor Cars Ltd. - Tillson NY

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James - Middletown, NY, United States

All Motor Cars Ltd.
116 Orchard Street Tillson, 12486 NY, United States
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On March 29, 2024 I visited All Motor Cars LTD. of Tillson NY and put a 500 dollar deposit on a 2002 Subaru Impreza.

I was to pick the car up the next week and provide the balance owed for the car.

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I asked the sales manager, Andrew Rew, to have a lightbulb replaced, oil changed, air conditioning charged and a few other small things.

None of these except the bulb were addressed when I picked up the car on 4/20/2024.

On the drive home (an hour away from me), the car had a misfire (Code P0301), diagnosed by my mechanic and found to have been repaired most unprofessionally with a wad of sticky gum in place of a broken retainer.

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This is a very poor repair and didn't make it the hour home without the car running roughly.

There is also a large exhaust leak which was not there when I test drove the car and the gas gauge is wildly inaccurate.

From the time I put the deposit down to almost a month later when they had the car ready, they put over 400 miles on it- this is excessive and wasn't necessary to effect the required repairs.

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I contacted Mr. Rew and the owner of the dealer, Patchin Podes to let them know of the issue.

They have not replied to my request for the repair to be paid back to me and address the rest of the issues I asked for. Both phone calls and emails have gone unanswered.

I have recorded and documented all emails and phone calls in preparation for small claims court. The images I've included show the odometer before and after the car was picked up as well as the part which was repaired most unprofessionally (also a picture of what the part should look like), email screenshot asking why they hadn't addressed the issue with my mechanic and my bill.

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The "new" tires advertised on the car are a tire discontinued in 2020 due to not meeting safety regulations ( see photo).

I would like to be reimbursed for all of my expenses and I'd frankly like an apology for the unacceptable treatment All Motor Cars LTD provided in the purchase of my automobile.

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United States

#2General Comment

Tue, July 02, 2024

 I am still confused by your comment about the tires. If your tires were recalled by the tire manufacturer, contact them and they will replace the defective tires for free. If they don't fall within the scope of any recall, then there is no problem. Tires get discontinued all the time, it doesn't mean they are dangerous. Besides, you saw the tires that were on the vehicle. It's not like they were somehow hidden from you. The onus is on you to do the research. And how do you know that the broken ignition coil connector wasn't like that to begin with? Believe it or not, dealers usually don't tear used cars apart and rebuild them. It probably got broken by the previous owner attempting a diy repair. It is possible it held up just fine with the goo for quite a while. And a zip tie would have likely solved this problem without having to spend hundreds of dollars replacing connectors on a 22 year old junker.


New York,
United States
Why the interest?

#3Author of original report

Sun, June 30, 2024

Flint, what is your interest in this case?

The car was advertised as having new tires, which was false- the connector for the coil pack was "repaired" with a wad of sticky gum.

Nobody would consider that a proper repair. A zip tie would not have been any better. This isn't a lawnmower you can repair with spit and duct tape.

Bottom line, this is shady behavior and the fact that All Motor Cars refuses to even address the issues is very telling as to what others can expect.

So, Flint, why the interest?


New York,
United States
Any Good Faith Efforts Would Have Been Appreciated

#4Author of original report

Sun, June 30, 2024

I didn't like having to file this regarding All Motor Cars, Ltd.

They refused to reply to my Better Business Bureau complaint, so I used this site and am also pursuing different avenues with other venues.

If they had reached out to me and tried to resolve it, this never would have happened. Had they replied to me via email, text or phone and said something like "We put more money into getting the vehicle to pass inspection than we thought we'd have to (they did have to put a new gas tank in to pass inspection, not that they shouldn't have looked into that prior to pricing the car), how about if we pay all the labor and half the parts?"

At least that would show they were willing to make things right.

But no reply at all? Same with the Better Business Bureau.

Doesn't really scream reputable business, does it?

I also am owed an apology for the deceptive ad on cars.com that said new tires that are actually tires recalld in 2020- I take my child in this car, this is a serious safety issue.

I should be repaid for the repair I had to pay for up front due to their pitiful repair, the tires, the exhaust leak, oil change and not fixing the air conditioning for sure, even if they don't have the class to step up and apologize.

I don't exactly enjoy spending my time pursuing this, but I am not going away and will investigate every possible avenue provided legally. I will also begin posting links to these reports on social media and on the popular car review aggregators if this is not resolved in the very near future.



New York,
United States
Coast, good call

#5Author of original report

Tue, June 25, 2024

I really should take another look at the agreement, I don't recall it being contingent, but I'd have to look at the paperwork.

I've never dealt with a dealer like this. They agreed to take care of things and I got the bank check figuring they'd be honest about it.

Bottom line is they didn't address any of my concerns and in fact have not answered multiple calls and emails.

That is the hallmark of a poor business model and very disappointing. 

To not even reply? Shady. 


New York,
United States
Irv, you seem upset, why is that?

#6Author of original report

Tue, June 25, 2024

Irv, do you have some sort of personal interest in my case? The all caps and your tone make it seem like you do.

why take such an active interest in something that has nothing to do with you?

Unless it does....


United States
Since YOU knew...

#7Consumer Comment

Tue, June 25, 2024

Since YOU fully admit here YOU knew there were problems which you wanted fixed, why on earth did YOU GIVE AWAY YOUR BARGAINING POWER by giving them money1 BEFORE those problems were corrected???


United States

#8Consumer Comment

Mon, June 24, 2024

It’s great that you have a warranty. Hopefully, the warranty documentation doesn’t state that preexisting issues are exempt from coverage. The air conditioning issue is certainly preexisting.


You forgot to answer the question: Do you have a written agreement indicating the sale was contingent upon completion of the service requests? You may want to send them a letter via registered mail requesting they honor the agreement.


New York,
United States
Not As Is Sale

#9Author of original report

Sun, June 23, 2024

It was not an as is sale, they agreed to take care of the issues I outlined, it came with a 30 day warranty and they refuse to respond to emails or phone calls.

They do NOT stand behind their work or their word.


United States
Was This an As-Is Sale?

#10Consumer Comment

Sun, June 23, 2024

Do you have a written agreement indicating the sale was contingent upon completion of the service requests? That agreement will be a necessity in small claims court.


The dealer would have already recharged the air conditioning refrigerant if there wasn’t a leak. This is a red flag. Sometimes sellers will recharge the unit just to get the car off the lot but the leak remains.


You accepted the vehicle with the additional mileage so that’s on you unless the mileage is incorrectly noted on the bill of sale.


A for sale vehicle that is in need of an oil change may not be a well-maintained vehicle.


You should have had your mechanic inspect the vehicle prior to (not after) purchase. This was a major blunder on your part.


You didn’t mention a warranty so this appears to be an as-is sale.

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