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I worked for this company in 2019. Then I applied this year (2023) and I was offered a job again but I declined. Here's why:


I wish I would've recorded the "interview" with Candace Sinclaire. (I DO NOT think that is her real name. She uses a fake name.) I agree with the other reviews, I'm sure they use your personal information for other things unrelated to the job and that's scary to think about. 


During the 15 minute phone interview, I was bubbly, upbeat, and professional. I work in Corporate America and my goal was to make more money to pay for school. So, I was expecting a professional interview.


Each question that "Candace" asked, I responded positively and with the mission in mind (which is to keep callers on the phone). Every answer that I gave, Candace said the exact opposite in the most condescending tone. I maintained upbeat because as a PSO you have to not seemed disturbed by the things people say during calls. 


For example, she asked "What has your PSO experience been like?" I said something like, "Previously, I've enjoyed playing submissive roles because I've been really successful with keeping callers on the phone for 30 minutes to an hour. But I'm open to playing different personas." She responded "Anytime someone says they enjoyed being submissive it just means that they aren't confident and need to do more." That was her being "nice".


Everything after that was mean, rude, condescending to the point that I really thought she was just teasing me to see how calm and "lovely" I would stay. Then she said that I had a really nice voice and I needed to complete the w9 within 24 hours. The interview was on a Monday morning. (Any job that rushes an immediate 24 hour response during the interview is NEVER good.) After the interview she called and emailed from another email ([email protected]) to rush me to complete the paperwork so that I could start to "make money quickly". The same day. She made it seem like an emergency. She then called the next morning, Tuesday morning. Same thing "hurry up". I didn't answer because I was busy. I emailed saying I would complete the paperwork by Tuesday afternoon. About 30 hours after I had interviewed. Literally the next day.


They sent a text saying they're going to assume I'm not interested and remove me from the roster because I didn't complete the w9 in 24 hours. 


Now, when I worked for the company previously, 98% of my calls were men who talked about their fantasies as a pedophile and incest with their daughters and infants. PSOs were told to keep callers on the phone no matter what and listen to their pedophile stories about infants. SICKENING!


I NEVER want to hear any of that again. Other companies may allow PSOs to set boundaries and not be reprimanded for not wanting to listen to all of those subjects. 


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Same thing happened to me

#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, August 10, 2023

Same thing happened to me. I started just a couple months ago. Took calls for 4 weeks and then bam, got a call from Candace Sinclaire that I was being terminated for messaging picutres with callers. I said there is no way, I have never done that. I told the truth and she told me that since I kept denying it, it sounded llike I was guilty. She said she would call me back later with an update. No update. So I didn't take any more calls. 

I am also still waiting on my money. She kept saying there was an issue with my ACH deposit and accoount. 

Then she said that they will mail me a check because I no longer work there. Still waiting on the check....


Palo Alto,
United States
Sour Grapes

#3UPDATE Employee ..inside information

Wed, July 12, 2023

It's always interesting to see someone who we passed on write their version of what happened. To apply for a PSO job and than turn around and complain about having to "talk to pedofiles" is truly rich and to make this claim despite not having taken a single call with us is a flat out lie. This person's level of awareness regarding business, commerce and particularly the PSO business is very low so let me explain the obvious. Our onboarding process is similar to any other business. We interview people and if we determine they would be a good fit we hire them as quickly as possible. Most people who apply with us want to get started immediately and we make every effort to accomodate them. We set our start dates within 48 hours of being interviewed by design. If someone applies and then sets up road blocks to actually starting, we know they are not serious and we move on. This woman is not telling the entire story and is greatly exaggerating what took place during the interview process but suffice it to say, she told our hiring manager she was ready to start "ASAP" and then went MIA. We simply do not have the bandwith to hunt people down in order to give them a high paying PSO job. She was unresponsive to our attempts to communicate and made no effort to cooperate during the onboarding process. We terminated her before she took a single call. We don't typically respond to these types of baseless complaints from disgruntled people with an axe to grind and our PSOs are very happily making in upwards of $1K weekly and have no complaints.


This woman unfortuntely exercised a very low level of interest and we simply chose to disengage with her but what I find the most baffling about this work of fiction she has written is her comment about her previous experience as a PSO and how disturbing it was to her.  Why then did she apply with us if that was the case? She is clearly grasping at straws by using her past experiences that have nothing to do with our company against us. 

My advice to her would be to seek out a job as a fiction writer because she is very talented in that area. 

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