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Complaint Review: Ezzocard.com - Internet

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Erik - United States

Internet, United States
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We are presenting this report to request the immediate blocking of the fraudulent website https://ezzocard.online. This site is deceitfully impersonating the legitimate business https://ezzocard.com, which is renowned for offering a full range of high-quality services. This report details the fraudulent activities, the impact on consumers, and the necessary actions required to address this issue.

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Summary of Fraudulent Activities:

Imitation of Legitimate Site:

Fraudulent Site: https://ezzocard.online

Legitimate Site: https://ezzocard.com

Description: The fraudulent site has replicated the design and content of the legitimate Ezzocard.com site, creating a highly convincing but fraudulent clone. This imitation misleads consumers into believing they are interacting with the genuine site.

Consumer Deception:

Issue: The fraudulent site's advertisements mislead customers, resulting in financial loss and a complete lack of services.

Impact: Numerous customers have been scammed by paying for services that are never delivered, causing significant financial harm and distress.

Harm to Reputation:

Impact: The actions of Ezzocard.online are severely damaging the trust and reputation of the legitimate Ezzocard.com. The genuine site has built a strong reputation for reliability and quality services, which is now being undermined by the fraudulent activities of the imposter site.

Complaints and Consumer Feedback:

Platform: Trustpilot

Details: We have received numerous complaints on Trustpilot from consumers who have been deceived by Ezzocard.online. These consumers often confuse the fraudulent site with our legitimate site, leading to negative reviews and tarnishing our reputation. These complaints highlight the widespread confusion and the significant impact on our business.

Google's Inaction:

Issue: Despite numerous complaints and reports, Google continues to allow fraudulent advertisements from Ezzocard.online to run. These ads mislead consumers and cause substantial harm.

Details: Even with the provision of ample evidence of scam activities, Google has failed to take appropriate action to block these fraudulent ads. This inaction enables the continued deception of consumers and further damages the reputation of the legitimate Ezzocard.com.

Request for Action:

Blocking of Fraudulent Site:

Action Required: We urgently request that https://ezzocard.online be thoroughly investigated and blocked to prevent further consumer fraud and deception. This measure is essential to protect consumers and uphold the integrity of legitimate businesses.

Removal of Fraudulent Advertisements:

Action Required: It is imperative that fraudulent advertisements by Ezzocard.online be removed from Google and other advertising platforms. This action will help protect consumers from being misled and prevent further financial losses.


The fraudulent activities of Ezzocard.online have caused significant harm to consumers and the reputation of the legitimate Ezzocard.com. The imitation of our site, deceptive advertisements, and Google's inaction have compounded the problem, leading to widespread consumer confusion and financial losses. We trust that you will take immediate and decisive action to address this urgent issue, block the fraudulent site, and remove the misleading advertisements. Your prompt attention to this matter is crucial to protect consumers and preserve the integrity of legitimate businesses.

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