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Leslie Booth is a complete SCAM.  Don’t believe anything she says. 

She sounds so nice and honest on the phone but don’t let that fool youShe has stolen 6 figures of money for several different people with a couple of different stories.

Here’s mine…

I knew her for a few months and she seemed really intelligent.  She has a lot of real connections, which makes this even more sad to write.

She starts out by using her families background in the Coal Industry.  They’re BOOTH ENERGY.

If you look them up they clearly are legit.  The problem is that her entire family lost everything since coal isn’t a thing much anymore.

She is BROKE so don’t let her fool you.

One day she called me a night and told me her consulting card “doesn’t work” and she’s taking care of it in just a couple of days but was wondering if she could borrow a few hundred dollars.

No biggie right?  WRONG!!!

I did agree to loan her the money.  It was about $750.  She has the hotel she was staying at call me and take my card to charge the room.

A few days later she explains it’s all getting resolved and would pay me back the following week.  I said no problem.

By the time the week came she had charged up several hundred dollars more in room charges that I didn’t approve.

She promised she was taking care of it and was getting her consulting card “fixed” very soon.

Weeks went by with Leslie promising to settle me out the next week.

IT WAS ALWAYS THE NEXT WEEK.  She kept me on the hook that way.

Then, she had some of the funds from the hotel credited back to my card which made me feel better BUT about a week later she asked for MORE funds from another hotel.

I know, I’m a sucker but I was just trying to do something good for someone in need and I’d known her for months.

She SWORE she would have those funds back to me (WITH INTEREST) in just 3 days.

Of course that didn’t happen.  I wouldn’t be writing this if I ever got my money back.

THEN, on 2 separate occasions she claimed that the funds were in an attorney account waiting to be cleared and I should have them within a couple of days.


She completely made it up.

Now I was angry.  Why lie about something like that?  Just tell the truth.

NEXT, I had her meet with a but money guy of mine for a project. 

He flew to see her and SHE PULLED THE SAME S**T ON HIM!!!

She told him her consulting card wasn’t working and asked him to pay for her Uber to see him.  He agreed ($250 later) and she never showed up.

He called me furious!!!

“What kind of goofballs are you dealing with?”, he asked.

He didn’t care about the $250, he care that she lied about it.  If she was honest he would have just paid it.

When I confronted Leslie about this, SHE made it sound like my guy was a crazy person and she was shocked about his actions.


She use her family and connections to make her seem legit but she a Grifter at best. 

IF you run across her here’s what you should know:

1-    She’s always in hotels “traveling”

2-    She has a FREE cell phone – RED FLAG(I know).  Who can’t afford a cell plan these days.

3-    She insists on calling you most of the time so nothing is in writing.

4-    She only communicates when she’s looking for something from you.


Every move she makes literally defines what a scammer does.

If you asked her for updates, it was always the very next week funds were coming.

She will never give you a straight answer and will NEVER answer any hard questions that put her in a position

In closing, I’ll say this…

On the surface she seems like a very nice person.  Her voice alone might scream honest to you but DON’T BE FOOLED!!!

She used all the connections she has to lure you in to make you think other deals can happen but they never will.


She has no intention of ever doing deals with you.

She is broke and is only looking to rob Peter and never pay Paul.

I know FOR A FACT that she owes a number of individuals a combined total of SIX FIGURES.

She’s burned most of her relationships at this point with her lies and everyone who knows her has figured out her game so she’ll be out to meet new people.


 No matter what she says assume it’s all a lie. 

One day she will see this post and if you ever run across her and bring this to her attention, she will probably have a great story as to what I’m telling you now is a misunderstanding.

To prevent any unwanted whistleblower blowback from her, I’ve chosen not to put my name on this.

However, if you’d like more details on this matter, I’ve setup an email just for this issue.

Feel free to contact me if you ever run into her and are on the fence:

EMAIL: [email protected]

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