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Complaint Review: Sheriff Ronald Seals - Sevierville Tennessee

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Andy - Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Sat, February 12, 2022

Sheriff Ronald Seals
315 main street Sevierville, 37862 Tennessee, United States
deceitful, Fraud , Government Worker, Harassment, Police, Racism, Hate , Envy , White inferiority , Redwood City California, Unappreciative Liars
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We decided to honor the head thug of the Sheriff, Ronald Seals. Him and his hired thugs enjoy harassing citizens. He hates Christians. Since he is a piece of sh*t freemason his thug deputies drive in dark window cars stalking and spying on citizens. His deputies been said to Rio off bumperstickers from citizens cars and other similar crimes.

Rampant hate crimes go on here by area baptist churches. It is a family affair in the local government. There is little freedom to live freely in Sevierville. With corrupt deputies like racist deputy Randy and other deputies that will shoot you in the back. Like we've heard from the ole Sevier Corruption website.

The good ole boys enjoy harassing citizens that aren't born here. Terrible leadership. Only the wealthy fake Republican elites here run everything here. No one feels safe in this town. Civil War is coming!

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United States
Old "Hoss" Ron has retired, Thank God!!!

#2General Comment

Sat, March 18, 2023

  Most of the simps ( morons) have finally retired in 2021-2022. The Sevier County commissioners Ben Clabo, "Phido" Phil King, etc., along with ruthless and fat boy "HOSS", triple chins Ronald Seals. This is a win ,and good news for all people across Sevierville. Finally new faces , new solutions and possibly reform can finally happen in Sevier County, Tennessee. Clap, clap, clap. Finally , our prayers have come through. Majority of ruthless rednecks are finally out of office. With Mayor Larry Waters in office the corruption may still fester. The ole south is finally having it's behind kicked! Will Sevier Countians get their reparations? Sevier County is all white, and many running the county are mentally insane. When Mayor Larry kicks the buckett- we hope soon! It may take a conservative woman or black man to eventually be installed to replace good low boy Mayor Waters. We hope that someone will replace corrupt old Larry. Mayor Larry has elections rigged for him yearly. He always wins. Larry even beat a fundamental baptist challenger a few years ago. Elections are rigged in the old south, in Sevier County, Tennessee. The county needs reform. The bias and white, freemason supremacy continues to rule the old south. Yes , prejudice towards whites, blacks and other colors of the rainbow. Some of the people living in this area are "mad" as in insane, crazy, mischievous, plot evil. Lots of the wealthy that live in Wears Valley are insane persons. We hope and pray that reform will happen and that most of these folks will get smart and stop voting the same folks in office based on their baptist bigotry, and hatred for outsiders. Victory at last! From natural disasters, to pandemics, this county has finally got what it deserved. The arrogance, the immaturity and vice has finally been held accountable. Still more prayers to this corrupt community called Sevier are needed. Unfortunately the corruption still will control majority of this county through fear tactics, pride of the ole southern pigs and low lifes that abuse the citizens of Sevier County. Again, prayer changes things over time.


United States
Filthy Randy

#3General Comment

Sat, February 25, 2023

 Randy, deputy 154: Could this be why Baptist churches are often seen having Randy parked in front of their churches? Are the Baptist churches now admitting their filthy with sins like Randy? This colored fella is repulsive and the community will never be safe with this mentally unstable deputy. The dude is a sick, b*****d , since they have slept with married women. We pray that anyone decent will not have to be molested by filthy Randy while in custody. We are doing a public service by bringing this information to the public, in hopes to reform the injustices of our communities across Sevier County. We read that the jail in Sevierville is getting Nashville accreditation and anticipate less deaths will occur. Bad apples still running things here in Sevier County. There's pros and cons about the local sheriff. With Ben Clabo as Commissioner, there will never be honest, fair enforcement. Benny is a jerk, arrogant. He is a vile swamp creature. The commissioners are useless. One of them, oddball Carr got a state office. The Republican swamp continue to push their outdated politics on newbies moving to Sevier County. Hopefully more culture integration as they have up in northern states will press through here in coming years.


Pigeon Forge,
Worst Deputy and Jail in all US states

#4General Comment

Wed, February 08, 2023

 Deputee Randy Tyrrone loves sleeping around with married women as we have heard reports from people once close to us. He likes to harass people on and off duty , stalking them, taunting them, he thinks he can get away with this behavior and never answer for it. He is a vile , racist piece of crap. He is the worst example of how low you go when it comes to harassing citizens for no reason. He is a Marxist and hates christians. He loves the fake baptist churches and bows his knee to them. Again this is the same deputy that is friends with the old thin mechanic that is drunk on the job. Her employees are drunk as well that run and get parts for your family's car. While Randy stands and talks to his boyfriend the stupid auto mechanic in Wears Valley. Randy has cliques with various businesses even baptist churches. Yes he is a Bronx New York former cop, sworn to serve everyone equally. But he is not much of a deputy. He is the most vile rat, and biased, racist piece of crap that has no morals or respect for anyone. He hates disabled, and mentally ill persons. He is a very jealous, arrogant person that has no oversight. A bad apple, badge # 154. Randy will probably get away with murder as he is black and hates disabled people. A twisted low boy. With no morals and no respect for anyone but his own kind. Sevier Corruption described Ron's department as hostile and "citizen haters" . This is true from my own experience with Randy over the years before the pandemic. Randy is the perfect example of paying homeage to self righteous unprofessionalism. Ron Seals likes to show off his First Baptist bumper sticker on one of the many cars he steals from drug raids. Sadly the sheriff and her employees have been reported over the years as treating citizens it was sworn to protect poorly. Ron is a Shriner, and we have read many deleted reports on one such website Sevier Corruption by either current or former staff or eye witnesses over the years of making such reports. What is funny is that the old gay dude that followed his boss around the former deputy lady Kim didn't seem to be very interested in talking to certain people about their problems with Ron and his staff. Kim and SC were exposing Ron for what he is, a thug. Seems the FBI has issues with Ron. Being the big bully Ron is, and a Shriner, makes it very hard to remove him. That's right. It's all about politics and power trips in the old south. Unlike the north where majority of the sheriffs are supporters or influenced by Marxist, socialist policies. Well Ron thinks he can hide behind his membership with the biggest Baptist church in town. The freemasons love church. That proves the reason why so much influence surrounds this biggest church in Sevierville. Many freemasons attend this big church Ron attends. Judges, lawyers, police, etc. A few police don't even like Ron according to past reports we've read. We recall a story from SC about Ron getting a lap dance by a young lady stripper. Also what's with the TBI covering Ron's behind in complaints up at the jail? We recall the stories of the old , gay cook up at the jail , where homo acts were allowed some years ago. Sevierville has been through a lot of heartaches, and cover-ups over the years. Even a Hatch Act complaint was made on ole Ron years ago. While those of us writing this are sharing it for integrity only purposes. The public has a right to know what has happened. We hear most local newspapers are paid off by police chiefs or Ron to censor certain public concerns. Typical of freemason rhetoric and influence. Randy is a bad person. Beware of this wolf in sheep's clothing. The sheriff has been known to do dirty things like removing Christian bumper stickers from cars , etc.


United States

#5General Comment

Fri, April 22, 2022

 We heard the damned good ole boy sheriff is retiring. If true Praise Jesus!!! This f*cker needs to Go Blow! Freemasons are controlling churches, colleges, etc all throughout East Tennessee.


North Carolina,
United States

#6General Comment

Thu, March 17, 2022

 Ron's brother almost ran me over at the gas station some years ago. This sheriff has no regard for any laws. His deputy Randy Tyrone is a racist , womanizer, sleeping around with as many silly woman he can. The corrupt deputy spies on persons that he is jealous of. Area southern Baptist churches allow for these "thugs" as a former citizen oversight group criticized and exposed this sheriff and deputies of abuses of power.

The gay and l*****n team former deputies, etc that provoke violence and abuse of prisoners is nothing more than a Freemason low life loser sheriff that preys on citizens that won't fight back. Living in Sevier County is nice till these perverts in the sheriff office spy on you. Sheriff Seals has been said to have a liking of men and will stare at you for hours.

I think what Seals once said was " if you put lipstick on it..." Well there you have it folks. We have the circus for a law enforcer. A few of the deputies been known to like giving school kids rides as questionable over the years. As some in the community fear for their lives if deputies will shoot them in the back. We are praying for the folks of this town. Many have left this town because of the rednecks and their racist agendas.

This town where disabled men are attacked by extremists and women with disgruntled opinions of single men are considered homos. The jail here had a old perv employee that would prey on young men sexually. Talk about sick bastards that run the jail. Most of the employees working for Seals are said to be into men. Seems only the snobs of this town favor the sheriff for political reasons than moral reasons.

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