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Complaint Review: Cross Country Bank - Boca Raton Florida

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- Gadsden, AL,

Cross Country Bank
4700 Exchange Court Boca Raton, 33431 Florida, U.S.A.
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We have been repeatedly ripped off from these people. We usually pay off our entire account every two months. They hate that.

So when we make a payment they hold the check for two weeks before they will release the cards. I went into a store and tried to use the card only to have it rejected. How embarrassing especially knowing I had just paid them off a few weeks before.

I called the company on their customer service line, which I had to pay for, not a toll free number, only to be screamed at by not one, but two of their so called (customer service experts).

I wanted to speak with either their boss or a security person since that was who both of them kept saying I would need to talk to in order to get my problem resolved. When I told them I demanded to speak with a person of authority they both became outraged and eventually hung up on me.

I had spent a total of 26 minutes on the phone paying long distance only to have these two pieces of trash hang up on me. Hello Rhonda and Debbie!!!!!!!! I'm sure that's not your real names, everytime I asked for a last name they said they wouldn't give it to me for security reasons.

I told them I understand that cause if people knew who they really were, they would be picked off coming out of that fraudulent building they work at. Anyway, they are still holding my money hostage, I can't speak to anyone, and I will again be slapped with late fees and finance charges come next month even though my payments were there on time. I can't understand why the government or the BBB doesn't get involved.

I have read numerous messages just like mine on several different websites about how this company is ripping people off. Someone please tell me how to get this company investigated by the authorities.


Gadsden, Alabama

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Contact the FDIC for your Cross Country Bank problems

#2Consumer Suggestion

Sat, November 16, 2002

My name is Lucille and I obtained a CCB card back in 1996. I had a $1500.00 credit limit but limited myself to my own personal limit of $500.00. This way if I ever had an emergency, I would be okay. After 2 years, I was offered a GM Visa with 9% percent interest. At the same time I got my GM Visa, I had a zero balance on my CCB card. CCB gave me an extremely hard time about closing my account. Following the advice of a friend (who's an attorney), I sent CCB three certified letters politely demanding that they close my account. Six months went by and I heard nothing from CCB, no bills, no letters, no calls. I assumed all was well. Two years after that incident, I was in the process of purchasing my first home when I discovered that CCB was listed on my credit report as delinquent with a sum owed of $3500.00+. Upon research, CCB claimed that they never received not 1 of the 3 certified letters. My account was charged annual fees with interest on top, then late fees with interest on top of that. I too was unsuccessful in resolving this problem. It was upon the advice of that "friend" that I write a letter to the FDIC. I wrote a very detailed letter with proof and evidence of my case. It took about 1-3 months to get a response but the FDIC reviewed my case. They discovered that CCB was fraudulent in the charges and held them accountable. A few months later I received a registered package from the FDIC which contained a copies of my complaint, the FDIC's written review of my case, letters to CCB from the FDIC demanding correction, and letter from CCB to the FDIC acknowledging their "computer processed errors" and a promise to "quickly fix this mistake." I then turned around and sent a copy of the entire FDIC packet to all 3 credit bureaus. It took about 3 months to be removed from my credit report but in the end, I won. You can get all the info you need from the FDIC's website at www.fdic.gov .............. Please be patient when dealing with the FDIC, they may be a little slow but when they bite, they bite very hard.


Newport News,

#3Consumer Suggestion

Thu, August 01, 2002

Judy, I feel really bad that this has happened to you. I do have a of suggestion that may be able to help you in dealing with this company. You could go to the Post Office and send your payment by certified mail and have the company's representative sign the return card. This may cost you a little money, but you have definite proof that you sent the payment on time -- especially if you're paying by personal check, which is the most convenient for most normal people. Julia, if you're employedd by this company, I suggest that you listen to the customers' concerns and don't belittle them. For customers are the life of any business. Without customers, companies will fail. And the only thing left to say to those companies that don't value their customers -- RIP -- LET TAPS BEGIN!


Thank You Anthony!!

#4Consumer Suggestion

Tue, July 30, 2002

Anthony: Thank you for seeing my point about Cross Country Bank. This Julia person either works for CCB or a sister company of them. She obviously has never had to deal with this scam company or she wouldn't be so calm. Anyway, just an update on my situation. I received two letters from CCB yesterday. One telling me that they refuse to take off any late charges and fees, the next letter was a dispute form wanting me to describe the merchant that I am having a problem with. Well good Lord, it's CROSS COUNTRY BANK that I'm having the dispute with and they know it. I have found out that the state of New Hampshire has filed a class action lawsuit against CCB on behalf of the residents of that state for the exact same thing that I am going through now. From what I have read on the company there have been several lawsuits against them ranging from fraud,harrassment, theft by deception, and the fair debt collection act. Their employees are required to lie and harrass their customers in order to keep a job. This company hires uneducated, low income people who need their job and are willing to do anything to keep it. It's a shame.


Customer Service experts won't listen

#5Consumer Comment

Mon, July 29, 2002

Thank you for the response. Anyway, it was days after the incident in the store before I called about my account, so no, I was not hostile or in your words, "banshee" screaming at anyone. I told the women I spoke with every word of our conversation was being recorded. I have planned to take all documentation and recordings to the District Attorney. I had to call this morning once again about another charge that is on my credit card. When I ask to speak with a manager / supervisor, the person on the other end gets irrate. I even had one woman ask me did I not think she was doing her job well enough and when I said I still needed to speak with the manager she hung up. A true professional huh?? I don't know if you are familiar with this company but if you have a credit card through them, then you too have been ripped off by them. As for the holding of my check, I fully understand them holding a check for 10 to 14 days. They also hold all funds from my credit line to prevent me from using the card during that time. My point is, at least credit my account with an "on time" payment so as to show where a payment was received toward the account. Hold credit line until the check clears, that's fine, but stop deliberately holding checks till after due dates so they can charge fees. Look, I'm obviously not the only person that has problems with Cross Country Bank. Over the past two months I have written and recorded documentation of each and every phone call with CCB and everyone of them are the same. Their employees are rude, liars, and unprofessional. Stay calm was your answer. Well if you had been dealing with this as much and as often as I have you would probably become a "banshee" as well..


Cherry Hill,
North Carolina,
Julia , how do you pay your bills?

#6Consumer Comment

Mon, July 29, 2002

Julia, your rebuttal is lame! How do you pay your bills? Do you get cash and drive down to the payment center and wait until they check to make sure your money is legal tender? Checks are used so people have proof of payment. They are not to be assumed that they will bounce! What company do you work for? When you pay your phone bill or electric bill do the companies hold your checks a couple of weeks and turn off your service in fear of your check bouncing!!! Get REAL!! Anthony


Guaranteed and non-guaranteed payment methods

#7Consumer Suggestion

Sun, July 28, 2002

When you mail in or pay over the phone by personal check that is not a guaranteed form of payment. Only cashiers checks, bank to bank wire, money gram, western union quick collect and money order's (if it is fdic or fslic insured) are considered guaranteed funds. If you choose to pay by a non-guaranteed method, the bank has to right to hold the payment to ensure the monies are cleared. As it can take up to 14 days for banks to return a non-paid item, releasing non-guaranteed funds without proof is very risky. If I paid you $300.00 by personal check for a debt I owed you, would you go to your bank and cash it immediately? Remember you dont know me. Can you trust me not to write you a bad check? If you cash my check and you use the money, then my check is returned non sufficient funds, you are stuck with a bad check from your bank, not to mention the fees. Make sense? When you called the customer service department I bet you were very upset. From your comments you said you were embarressed when you were denied for a charge attempt. It is best to calm down before you call to find out what has happened. The people on the other line are just human beings like you working a job to make a living for their family. If you remain calm and ask to speak with a supervisor or a manager you are more likely to be given one immediately. If you call in acting like a wild banshee you will usually get a reaction similiar to your own. I don't agree with them hanging up on you as that is uncalled for, unprofessional and it is your dime so to speak. Yet, because I didnt witness your conversation I have to believe what you say is truthful. I suggest in the future to call before you make a payment and question what are the hold times and alternate means of payment. Question if you make a payment when you have a over-the-limit balance, are delinquent or submitting a much bigger payment than usual, if those funds will be held. Most banks will allow your to fax in a bank summary from your checking account to show the payment has cleared to release your funds. All you would have to do is ask your bank to print off a current summary (no internet statments) get the fax number to a manager and send it. Wait for a couple of hours for release of your funds. In the future, if you don't get the answer you want, keep calling back. If you are not satisified find another bank. But check their policy on non-guaranteed payment submittals first.

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