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Complaint Review: Fairbanks Capitol - Olympus Servicing - Calmco Servicing - Salt Lake City Utah

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- huntington beach, California,

Fairbanks Capitol - Olympus Servicing - Calmco Servicing
3815 South West Temple Salt Lake City, 84115-4412 Utah, U.S.A.
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I don't know if I can go through this Again. 1st Temple-Inland, aka; Calmco Servicing L.P. aka; Olympus Servicing L.P.. Now Fairbanks Capitol Corp., who are in fact a part of all these corporations.

5 Years ago I entered into a 5 year chap. 13 Bankruptcy due to Temple-Inland Mort. charging me late fees I did not owe. I talked with them, assuming it would be rectified. I always sent my payments next day mail. They would not post on day received. So I started stapling a note to the front of my payment stating: This payment sent next day mail. Received by Temple - Inland (Calco, Olympus, and Fairbanks Capitol) by the 11th day of month. No late fee applies unless received after the 11th day of month. Please post on date received.

Well a few months later I received a threat of foreclosure saying I owed $7,512. Two days Later the amount was $11,000. By the time they turned my loan over to Calco T.D. Services., to foreclose They had me owing $27,000. I sent 19 pages of copies of my payments and next day mail receipts, retun receipt requested, to 6 different people at Temple-Inland. Not 1 person contacted me. This after talking to a loan resoulutions officer, who is supposed to help you and set up repay arrangements.

I ended up in bankruptcy court after Calco came to my house and nailed a notice of property going up for sale and date it was to be sold. I stooped forclosure in Bankruptcy court. The amount of $27,000 was reduced to $14,000 + $2,000 interest.

I did not agree with this amount but attorny convinced us to go with it.

At the end of 5 yr. Bk., after paying over $16,000 to Temple-Inland, then Calmco Servicing, then Olympus Servicing and finally to Fairbanks Capitol, my BK. was discharged in 01/2003.

In 08/2003 I get a notice of foreclose from Fairbanks Capitol Corp. Stating I owe $11,000 for May 2003 and subsequent payments, and late fees and legal fees.

I called them and said I have my May, June, and July cancelled checks and next day mail receipts in hand and also, my August payment that was not accepted by Fairbanks because they said I am in foreclosure. I was told that when they received my loan it was 3 months in arrears. I said impossible as I was in Bk. and if I was late on a payment or did not make 1 it would have put me in default of my Bankruptcy and the full loan amount would become due.

I asked how many payments from my Bk. trustee they received and if my Bk was discharged in January and I was 3 months behind why, without any prior notices would they just go into foreclosure in August ? I was told I was never out of foreclosure. My Bankruptcy I entered into was to right the wrongs of Temple-Inland Mortgage's fraudulent and unscrupulous business practices. When Bk. was discharged, all fees that were asked for were paid in full (which in itself is an accomplishment as only 24% of people filing chap. 13 bk. complete payment.)

The worst thing is I have not told my hubby yet. He is under a lot of stresses and has diabetes, so I din't want to burden him with this again!!!!!!! I contacted Hud hotline and the Ftc, and sent an e-mail to my state senator. But in 60 or less days they will be attempting to foreclose and sell my home. So even though there is investigation going on, it won't stop them from foreclosing on me.

A private attorny would cost to much to try to fight a corporation, but for $2,500 I assume I can go back into a chapter 13 BK. to save my home.

This is just as unfair as it was the first time. Paying fees I don't owe, charges for unpaid housepayments that were paid, and dealing with rude outright cruel people that do not even attempt to try to work this out.

Sorry this was such a long complaint, but as you see there are many issues involved here. Besides getting at least 5-7 letters from different people every day and companies stating I am in foreclosure and wanting to buy my home. Postcards also. I feel like the whole world knows my business. But in reality, they do not know how I am being victimized by Fairbanks and all the other companies that are affiliated with them regarding my home. I am on the verge of mental breakdown. It is so hard to even imagine that this is happening again. If it wasn't for my faith in God I think I would be in a deeper depression than I am already in. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


huntington beach, California

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