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Complaint Review: Tupper Lake Police? Or Certain Residents? - Tupper Lake New York

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- Queensbury, NY,

Tupper Lake Police? Or Certain Residents?
Main Street Tupper Lake, 12986 New York, U.S.A.
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Tupper Lake? Ha Ha, I used to live there until.....My Family, Myself, My husband and 4 Children were forced to move out of Tupper Lake because of "Liars" and the Law there Protected the "Liars" because the Law there Knew the "Scumms"! Yes It Is my turn "Finally"! I am reguarding to the Wawbeek Ave. "Cory and Linda And Crew!" I have been Wrongfully Arrested For Animal Cruelty of their cat, Which I never Hurt, But because there were 6 members to their so called family and a friend they scared into going against me, I was charged...there was only one of me!

Tupper Lake Police didn't know me...My car was vandelised by "Rosa" the so called daughter of Mommy Cory & Mommy Linda, "Rosa" tore off the hood ornament one day in the parking lot of Nice & Easy where I worked...Funny I seen her do it but none of her friends could say they seen...Also John, one of the sons of Mommy&Mommy harrassed my son and even followed him around, just to punch him..My son then was 10 and about 70 lbs. John is like 6 foot and 16 or so and over 150 lbs. "Linda & Cory" Adults? More like children in adult bodies...Call a 5 year old Little girl a s**t and w***e....Look at themselves! Constantly giving the middle finger to a 3 and 4 year old..(that's real grown up Cory)..The law was called several times ,but nothing they could ever do. With the on-going crap they threw our way...It got to Move or I will Kill them Myself!

Not to mention they were ripping off the Food Pantry also, I never seen a Freezer always so full. Do you still use your back door to bring in the goods so nobody will see? Huh Corey? These are some of Tuppers-Worst! If you're not with em Look Out, Because they will give you Hell! They will Lie, or whatever they can to cause you Pain. They strive on that! That is why I moved Out and I did like Tupper-Lake...Get rid of the Repeated Bad apples and prolly more good will return to the town!


X-Tupper-Laker, New York

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Tupper Lake,
New York,
Get a Grip

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Sat, July 06, 2002

Ok Cathy.....you had one good point. Get rid of the bad apples and Tuper would be a better place...well you left and the air got a whole lot sweeter. You think you are so much more adult? Hmmm lets see.....starting fights with girls under 16,,,hurting animals....thats mature. Then again prolly doesn't take a whole stretch for you to abuse animals since you obviously abuse and neglect your children....never once saw any of your kids with a clean face or their hair washed and combed. And their clothing? I've seen kids in the Mexico dump shanties wearing better. As for the food in their freezer...do you think that just maybe Rosa and Rob have a decent father who works hard to pay his child support? Hmmmmm never occured to you did it? As for the supossed attacks on your children I can personally attest to the fact that Kori would never stoop so low as to treat a child like that. When it comes to little people Kori is nothing short being a doting grandparent(no offense on your age Kori. I have watched her time and again with my children as well as others and would never hesitate to trust her with them. So Cathy...take your own advice and grow up!!!! I am sure Kori and Rosa would love to hear your comments up front and face to face, but that's not your style.

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