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Arizona state Government
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Arizona state Government allowed a business to open and gave them a business license without having workers compensation insurance in which is illegal any business cannot get a business license unless they have workers' compensation insurance that's an all 50 states across America but Arizona's government allows companies to open up without having proper workers compensation insurance and a worker got severely injured they told the worker they did not have workers compensation insurance?

(Well the company did;  they just covered it up so that a claim could not be imposed against their workers compensation insurance) and the State of Arizona allowed this corruption to happen to a worker who got severely injured and almost died. I blame the governor's office of Arizona down to the local government office of Arizona for allowing this type of corruption to happen in which case this state should not have given this business a (business license)

I've also been through 325 attorneys because all they handle is DWI cases and they do not help in suing a company for negligence on committing a injury that could have been avoided negligence attorneys don't want those type of cases they only want DWI cases where somebody dies and then they will take the case. (Lawyers nothing more than liars).

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well anyway look it up on Google Arizona is rated the worst corruption State in the Union; corruption runs rampant in Arizona everybody is corrupt and nobody will do the Right thing by a worker who works on the books and the company has not paid him a penny as of yet and the State of Arizona stated it is a Right to work state and they do not have to pay a worker? I have never heard of such a pile of Bull crap?

The State of Arizona does not help any American worker who pays taxes on the books they only help illegal immigrants that work off the books and send their money to Mexico to build their mansion of a house (but when you work on the books)? and you do things?  Like American citizens always do the Right thing?

The United States government and Arizona's government throws you in the garbage and can care less if you die or not because of a work-related accident. I blame the Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey because he allowed this corruption to happen in this state and then I blame the local Arizona government that allowed the company to open up and gave them a business license when they do not have workers compensation insurance to protect the workers in the case that this mas got hurt and because of the corruption in the state of Arizona starts from the Governor it goes down to the local Government to the job site and the workers are getting killed because the Government of Arizona is beyond corrupt;

if this man dies 17 States will be suing the state of Arizona because of their corruption that led to this man's death and all I can warn you is do not work for the state of Arizona work for any other state where they protect the workers, because Arizona does not... I can provide all the documented proof and I have been trying to get the media in Arizona to do a story on this; and they don't want to do any story unless it's about Lady Gaga Elton John?

(when a worker gets hurt they do not classify that news) the news is (corrupt media) I will not watch any news channels or any TV I threw my TV in the trash where it belongs because TV is only brainwashing everybody to be stupid..... I have been documenting everything and I sent it to the Russian Government the Mexican Government the United Kingdom to show how bad the corruption is in America that they do not make a company pay for workers compensation insurance and does not do safety check spots on companies to make sure they're following OSHA guideline laws to make sure workers are safe when they work.

Because of the corrupt state of Arizona a worker who is maimed for life because the State of Arizona does not have to get a worker's compensation opened like every other state within 7 days it's open and medical bills and paychecks are covered. They the State of Arizona government allows them not to file a worker's compensation case to protect the worker so they can save on their workers' compensation insurance claim and they bankrupt the worker who got severely injured or died.

The State of Arizona take the workers compensation claim money and they pocket it between the company and all the politicians of Arizona. The best states to work is New York California - Florida - Texas but do not work for the State of Arizona, because if you do? you're as good as dead if you get hurt on the  job. It is over for you because the government of Arizona only cares about helping the corrupt businesses and allows them to operate without a business license so they do not have to pay for workers compensation insurance.

I'm waiting over a year and one week and workers compensation hasn't made a decision if they are going to make the job honor the workers' compensation insurance that they did eventually get; but I'm still waiting for help with my medical Bills and income because of my injury that maimed me for life. And my left leg is going to be amputated because the State of Arizona is amusing a company that violated the law and has not honored paying the hospital Bills and medical doctors because of the injury that they committed against me.

This is how long you have to work in a normal non-corrupt government-run state now remember in Arizona it's over a year and I'm still waiting? Uneducated morons run the State of Arizona:

In New York State, cash benefits are not paid for the first seven days of a worker's disability, unless the disability goes beyond 14 days. In that case, a worker may receive wage compensation dating back to the first work day off the job. https://www.terrykatzandassociates.com › ... When Does Workers Comp Start Paying in New York?

Not 355 days like the State of Arizona allows.

But we all can understand Arizona's a corrupt state and the federal government needs to get involved.

Arizona rated the most corrupt state in the Union:


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Johnny Dollar

United States
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Tue, September 13, 2022

 Workers Comp cases are big business for Personal Injury attorneys. That's a FACT. These cases are usually handled on a CONTINGENCY basis. That's a FACT.

If a potential client has an actual bona-fide case, there is an attorney who will handle it. This is most likely to be an attorney who concentrates their practice in this area of the law. If you don't have a case, no attorney will waste their time with you.

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