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Complaint Review: Koginka Sewaluna Foundation - Asheville Nc

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Martha - Asheville, United States

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation
(((REDACTED))) Asheville, (((REDACTED))) Nc, United States
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I was referred to the supposed non-profit by a fake spiritual healer named Zaliuma in Canada. She has no qualifications.  I was referred to her by a yoga instructor named Angela Grace.  I was "advised" to "clear my energy" as a means to heal from trauma- and no healing was given.  Just lies, and threats to me and my family.  There is a Cult at (((REDACTED))), Asheville NC.  There they brainwash their students- into thinking they are on some great mission to heal the earth.  It is a very elaborate Scam.  Koginka, Beatriz ("director") use the "private donations" to buy personal real estate- and no money is put towards any indigenous people.  They illegally host groups of students in their private home, and provide the "apprentices" with fake assignments to keep them in a cycle of abuse and disempowerment.  

They "advise"  to cut ties with family, friends, support systems, and discourage seeking proper medical care. They have many different names, websites, and accompanying phone numbers, addresses, and descriptions- in an effort to evade all wrongdoing.  They accuse the people who leave the group of giving up an amazing opportunity- something that current students have been brainwashed to praise.   

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North Carolina,
United States
It's True.

#2Consumer Comment

Mon, April 12, 2021

I'm glad people are finally speaking out about this group. I have witnessed the bad behavior and deception. This teacher is not what he says he is. I'm very sad for the people who have been hurt and misled. He is fundraising money under the name of Mama Nuiyuan, you can find on you tube and his website where he uses different names.

He says he is ordained by the Kogi people, but this is what their spokespeople had to say when questioned : "I am very sorry to hear about your experience with Koginka. The Kogi too feel they were exploited by him and have formally publiçly denounced him. The late Mama Jacinto did not recognise him as a Mama and he is not one. I do wish you well Alan Ereira Tairona Heritage Trust/Fondacion Herencia Tayrona"


New York City,
New York,
United States
Former Student Testimony

#3UPDATE Employee ..inside information

Sun, April 11, 2021

 As a former student I can attest to the truth of this report filed. I am not the imposter posting reviews under different names. I am an ex-student from a long time ago. I was coerced and manipulated into giving Koginka(Noel) exorbitant amounts of money and got almost nothing but false promises in return. I paid the man thousands of dollars for a "detox program” and he pulled the plug on it over a couple of small accidents because I "sabotaged it.” He did not deliver the goods or services promised and thus $4,000 went down the drain. I witnessed repeated acts of psychological abuse mainly towards women. He enforced celibacy, yet he himself could and did sleep with almost anyone he chose. I came to find out also that he offered his training to women already as students if they would sleep with him. While this was occurring he would verbally attack women before the group making them feel terrible about themselves and then do confession to the divine mother. Through making them "recap” and feel shame after having charmed and seduced them he would fortify his power over them. These are all the same tactics he employs as practiced by the Church of Scientology and other cults. I witnessed women and a few men leave wounded and suffering and all under the logic that it was their fault, that they "sabotaged” themselves. With narcissism disorder it’s always the other person, it’s never them. And to make matters worse the manipulation is that because he is a spiritual master, an instrument of the divine mother, he has a spiritual perception, an eyesight, that is more advanced than the average human and he thus knows all. His students all actually believe this. I also witnessed him constantly bragging on himself and boasting about his accomplishments, classic narcissistic behavior. I can attest as a witness that Noel’s narcissistic and sociopathic behaviors were far from healing in the end and ultimately ruined a number of lives. He did manage to provide deep insight and effective healing at the beginning, as he did for me, but in the end it became very disempowering while he was profiting. I once witnessed a woman who decided to leave because she refused to tolerate anymore abuse from Noel’s assistant(Jeronimo Icaro) and because she refused to sleep with Noel. He then called a mandatory group meeting on why she was leaving with her present. He made it an open forum for egos and went around the room requesting everyone to say what they thought was wrong with her and condemned her for leaving. This man is a psychological chauvinist and tyrant and a charlatan. The utter tragedy is that his students are all in a spiritual dreamworld focused on saving the planet through Kogi wisdom and blind to the mass deception.


United States
This is not the truth.

#4REBUTTAL Individual responds

Thu, September 17, 2020

I would like to say with sincerity and heart that the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation is a very beautiful, heartfelt non-profit organization which has recovered land for preservation in about 8 different areas around the world and has helped to restore nature back to its original function in nearly all of these spaces. the Organization also does a tremendous amount to support native and indigenous communities in many ways that i have witnessed first hand and that with some research you can also find to be true yourself. Through the foundation I have met people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, and all types of people that have come together for care about the greater good and I have personally found things to be very positive. 

I have very good experience with this foundation and find all that is stated in this review to be untrue. There are also nearly over 100 individuals who can give strong witness and testimony to the good nature of the foundation and the untruth of this report. What is in this review is not true.

Unfortunately, there is an individual who has been posting and sending a tremendous amount of complaints and negative reviews online, this person is one in the same. They are also using fake names and acting as an imposter of many other people. This is all one person who has malicious and vicious intentions to defamate and scandalize. If you want to know the truth about this matter because you care, please contact our organization directly. Thank you. 


United States

#5Consumer Comment

Sun, August 30, 2020

How gullible you are to believe this crap - there is no such thing as a "spiritual healer, psychic, love guru" etc etc. They are all con artist and FAKES yet you give them money and fall for their crap. NO rip off because you fell for this con artist.


North Carolina,
United States
Video of “koginka”

#6Author of original report

Sat, August 29, 2020

 Here is a video of "koginka”. I have added this for identifying information of "koginka” as described in the report.

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