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Complaint Review: Twin Lake RV Resort located at 801S Lee Street Saint David Arizona - Saint David Arizona

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Mariah - Phoenix, United States

Twin Lake RV Resort located at 801S Lee Street Saint David Arizona
801S Lee Street Saint David, 85630 Arizona, United States
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This company is doing everything illegally and does not pay anybody properly on the books to avoid paying taxes as the law requires and workers are not getting anything for their labor: (No compensation) when they get injured and or sick the worker get thrown off the property (the owners are committing illegal actions) so they can avoid paying taxes and this Business is making a 1000% profit because they are knowingly doing everything illegal so that they can avoid paying taxes: The IRS and the Arizona taxation department needs to investigate this company for the wrongful actions that they are doing; which is 100% illegal. (Not 1- of their employees get paid on the books). He takes their worked labor 60-75 hour off their rent site with absolutely No pay...(Which is illegal) in the United States of America? You must pay people on the books and when they get paid (they paid  rent an electric out of their pay). The illegal workers receive (No compensation) and average $4,200.00 a month rent paid by the workers per month for all of the Hours that they force you to work without even giving any workers pay. This Business is avoiding paying taxes which is illegal in the United States of America and the Government needs to investigate this company for their breaking the Taxation laws of the United States of America. If everybody did what This company is doing? there will be No tax money to run the United States Government. Anybody who has been wronged by Twin Lake RV Resort located at 801S Lee Street Saint David Arizona 85630 provide your details on this profile post.  We have many complaints and are about to file a Class action lawsuit against this company. 

This is some of the illegal actions that the Twin Lake RV Resort located at 801S Lee Street Saint David Arizona 85630 are committing against workers and the State of Arizona's Taxation laws of the United States of America. 

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  How to report a company paying employees under the table?

A worker can report cash wage “under the table” by hiring an attorney or reporting to EDD. Before you say that the employer is paying under the table, you should ensure that it is illegal because it is not illegal if done correctly.

By: Brad Nakase, Attorney

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An employer paying under the table is not illegal. However, the employer is paying under the table to avoid employment taxes or under report In most instances, paying under the table is illegal because the employer also do not accurately report their company’s payroll. Generally, employers that pay cash under the table do not pay their fair share of tax, and employment insurance. Under Labor Code section 226, if you’re paid under the table, you may sue your employer, and entitled to money damages.  its number of employees, which is illegal. In California, failure to accurately report wages to EDD is unlawful and considered tax evasion for failure to pay payroll taxes. The consequences for paying employees under the table and not accurately reporting payroll taxes may result in a criminal conviction, civil fines and penalties.

Payroll tax evasion includes:

  • failing to file payroll tax returns
  • filing false payroll tax returns
  • paying employees in cash and not reporting it
  • misclassifying workers as independent contracts

Is it okay to get paid under the table?

In most instances, paying under the table is illegal because the employer also does not accurately report their company’s payroll. Generally, employers that pay cash under the table do not pay their fair share of tax and employment insurance. Under Labor Code section 226, if you’re paid under the table, you may sue your employer and be entitled to monetary damages.

Employers may be tempted to pay their employees under the table, whether to avoid tax obligations or to avoid paying for workers’ compensation insurance. However, it is illegal in California to pay employees under the table. If an employee believes their employer is paying them under the table or has failed to compensate them fairly for work performed, he or she should contact an experienced employment law attorney to report the transgressor.

In the state of California, it is illegal for employers to not report wages to the appropriate government agencies. By paying employees under the table, an employer is avoiding paying the required taxes, which is unlawful. An employer is required by law to withhold from an individual’s cash payments and pay their portion of the following:

  • State and federal income taxes
  • Social Security and Medicare (FICA)
  • State disability insurance (SDI)
  • State and federal income taxes
  • Workers’ compensation
  • State unemployment insurance (SUI)
  • Overtime compensation

If an employer pays an employee in cash and fails to account for the above employment benefits, then he or she may be held liable and should be reported for their wrongdoing. By failing to pay the necessary withholdings, an employer may incur a number of penalties.

Federal tax penalties require that an employer pay the sum of an employee’s unpaid liabilities. Employers illegally paying employees under the table may also have to pay $5,000 for each misclassified employee, in addition to 20% of the employee’s social security withholdings and 1.5% of the individual’s federal income tax liability.

It is also possible that there will be criminal prosecution. The IRS may wish to investigate the employer. Employers found guilty of tax evasion may go to jail for their crimes.

It should also be noted that any employee paid under the table also shares in certain risks. An employee who accepts money under the table may lose their eligibility for workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits.

What can you do if your boss pays you cash?

If your boss pays in cash, you can hire an employment attorney and sue for monetary damages. Our employment attorney will represent you with no upfront money from you. While it is not illegal for an employer to pay an employee in cash, it can make the payroll process more complex. It will be harder to pay an accurate amount of payroll taxes. According to California Labor Code Section 226(a), employee itemized pay statements must include the following information:

  • Total hours worked (except for salaried employees)
  • Gross wages earned
  • All deductions
  • Piece rate earned (if applicable)
  • Pay period
  • Net wages earned
  • Name and address of employer
  • Name of employee and last four digits of their Social Security number
  • Hourly rates

So, though an employer may pay his or her employees in cash in California, he or she is legally obligated to follow all employment laws when making cash payments. Employers must maintain accurate records since cash payments do not have a paper trail.

Can my boss get in trouble paying me in cash?

Because employers who pay wages in cash under the table, the employer might be avoiding their tax and insurance liabilities, paying employees cash under the table is unlawful. The IRS states there is nothing illegal about paying employees cash in hand as long as the employer takes out the appropriate deductions and accurately reports the cash wages to EDD and IRS.  Failure to report wages to any government agency in California is illegal and called tax evasion.

According to California Labor Code Section 226, an employee whose employer paid them cash under the table may be entitled to damages. If an employer did not follow the requirements regarding itemized pay statements, then he or she may have denied employees their deserved hourly and overtime pay.

What are the penalties for paying employees under the table?

The consequences of paying employees under the table include fines and penalties. In some cases, penalties for paying cash wages under the table may result in a criminal conviction. For employers paying employees cash wages under the table, the fines and penalties include the following:

  • Unpaid Wages

An employee who received pay under the table may file a wage claim against their employer if the employee did not receive the appropriate wages. This award also includes any overtime pay. If an individual earned overtime pay but the compensation turned out to eb the same as regular pay, then he or she is permitted to have the difference between the overtime pay rate and the regular pay rate.

  • Interest on unpaid wages

An employee paid under the table may be awarded interest on the unpaid wages. The rate of interest is set by the law. Rather than interest, an individual may look into earning liquidated damages. These damages are meant to compensate an employee for any losses that are hard to express in numbers.

  • Penalties on unpaid wages

Along with unpaid wages, the state of California enforces ‘waiting time’ penalties, which require employers to pay an amount equal to 30 days of unpaid wages. This waiting time penalty is equivalent to the worker’s daily pay rate for each of the days where wages were not paid.

  • Attorney Fees

It is possible that an employer guilty of paying under the table may have to cover an employee’s attorney fees if the employee wins their wage and overtime case.

If an employee suspects that their employer has denied them fair wages by paying them under the table, he or she should hire an experienced employment lawyer to report the transgression. It is important that an individual not allow an employer to dissuade them from pursuing a claim. He or she should report the employer and collect their deserved compensation.

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April 26, 2023 An EDD audit is a payroll tax audit initiated when a former worker you classified as an independent contractor applies for unemployment with EDD.  The EDD thinks you misclassified the worker as an independent contractor and audits your company.  April 22, 2023 PTO is any time an employee gets paid while away from work, including paid vacation time. PTO is paid time off, meaning a worker may use PTO for any reason, such as paid sick leave or paid vacation time. April 22, 2023 You should hire an employment attorney as soon as you are aware of the issue or believe something is wrong and that the employer is not remedying the issue, such as harassment, wrongful termination, or discrimination. April 22, 2023 In California, employers are prohibited from have a use-it-or-lose-it PTO policy. April 21, 2023 Employers in California are not required to provide any PTO, such as paid time off or paid or unpaid vacation, to their employees. April 21, 2023 Employers in California are required by law to give non-exempt employees one 10-minute rest break for every four hours worked. A non-exempt employee is generally a worker who is paid by the hour and not by salary. April 19, 2023 Yes, unpaid training is illegal in California. California employers must pay for mandatory training. Employees not paid for meetings or job training can sue for unpaid training. April 17, 2023 In California, you can sue your employer for violating your rights as an employee. Common reasons to sue your employer include wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and wage and hour violation. April 17, 2023 The U.S. Supreme Court clarified on June 15 that companies can compel arbitration of an employee's individual of an employee's individual PAGA claim, the non-individual claims should be filed April 11, 2023 Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is fired for illegal reasons. For example, an employee cannot be fired based on ethnicity, disability, race, gender, or religion. April 6, 2023 Most employment is generally at-will, so employers can fire an employee for dating a co-worker. However, if the co-worker you're dating was not fired, the employer firing you could be considered gender discrimination, and you can file a lawsuit. April 6, 2023 A worker can report cash wage "under the table" by hiring an attorney or reporting to EDD. Before you say that the employer is paying under the table, you should ensure that it is illegal because it is not illegal if done correctly. April 5, 2023 Paid Time Off or PTO cannot be taken away or forfeited when the pay accrues as earned. An employer is prohibited from taking away earned vacation time to punish you. April 5, 2023 The standard for proving a retaliation case requires the worker to show that the supervisor's action against the worker might deter a reasonable worker from reporting discrimination or participating in the EEOC complaint process. March 31, 2023 An employer cannot take away earned vacation time. When an employer takes away accrued vacation, it is illegal and considered wage theft. March 29, 2023 Under California employment law, employers are legally obligated to pay employees for time spent training for a job. It is illegal for employers to require employees to undergo unpaid training. March 25, 2023 Paid time off - also known as personal time off - is when an employee takes off work while still getting paid by the employer. Likewise, personal time off is when an employee gets paid or unpaid while away from work. March 24, 2023 An employment lawyer help employers and employees understand their respective rights and obligations, such as wages, wrongful termination, overtime, PTO, disability, discrimination, harassment, etc. March 22, 2023 Employees wins millions of dollars in wrongful termination lawsuits against their employers. If an employee has been dismissed for the reason that is deemed illegal in California, then they may be able to sue their former employer for wrongful termination. March 21, 2023 As of 2023, to be exempt from overtime pay, you must make at least $62,400.00 per year or $5166.66 per month. To be classified as an exempt employee, your salary must be at least twice California's minimum wage for full-time employment. March 19, 2023 Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”) makes it illegal for employers to allow anyone to be sexually harassed at work by anyone else, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or sex. Women who experience sexual harassment at work may experience a range of negative consequences, including mental and physical health problems, lower earnings, and career interruptions. March 19, 2023 When you're being sexually harassed at work, the first step is to report the sexual harassment to management or supervisor. If if the sexual harassment does not stopped, the next step is to hire a sexual harassment attorney and file a lawsuit. March 18, 2023 5 steps to defend a PAGA lawsuit: 1) contact a PAGA lawyer after getting a PAGA Notice, 2) locate the arbitration agreement, if any, 3) determine if the safe harbor provision of the PAGA state applies, 4) compile a list of all employees that were similarly situated, 5) Collect the employee's manual. March 14, 2023 An EDD audit is a process of verification that you have correctly withheld and reported personal income tax for wages paid to your employees. If you get an EDD audit, you may be liable for a wide range of fines, interest, and penalties on taxes that you owe. March 8, 2023 As of 2023, caregivers in California are entitled to minimum wage of $15.50 per hour, $23.25 per hour overtime up to 12 hours, and $31 per hour over 12 hours. There are cities in California that require higher hourly wages. March 8, 2023 California caregivers are entitled to rest breaks, meal breaks, minimum wage, overtime pay for working over 8 hours per day, and double time for working over 12 hours, including overnight stays. Employers often face lawsuits from caregivers for violating caregivers’ rights, such as basic wages. March 4, 2023 Cancer is protected under the Disability Act, which protects an employee from retaliation and discrimination because of health impairment related to a cancer diagnosis. An employer cannot discriminate against an employee upon discovering that an employee has a severe illness or cancer. March 3, 2023 No, you cannot be fired for work restriction if it is based on disability. However, an employer can fire an employee in some situations if the employee has work restrictions. March 3, 2023 An annualized compensation is to a predetermined gross pay per month paid to an employee for twelves months, totaling an estimated annual income.  In other words, annualized compensation - also known as annualized salary - is an estimate of how much pay an employee will earn over the course of a year if they were to work the full year. For example, teachers commonly do not work summer months and therefore need to annualized their salary for reporting taxes.

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I was a witness when a worker got seriously injured on June 21st 2021 at 9 AM another worker called Michael hargus and told him you. Need to get down here. A worker got seriously. Seriously injured and Michael Hargis called the ambulance and they came to the site. (I believe it was 101 at the Twin Lake RV resort) and the ambulance took him away because he got seriously injured and broke his Femur and his Ribs Were fractured. From a serious fall because? There was stump sticking out of the ground which the worker was not warned about.  Michael Hargis did everything with the company in califoria that we found out is the owner who Did Everything they could to not pay his worker's compensation claim and violated him and severely injured him. This is how this companies works in Califoria and Arizona. If you vaule your life? Do not work in either of these States.

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Highlands Ranch,
United States

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Sat, May 13, 2023

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United States
Arizona is ranked the most corrupt state in the Union:

#3Author of original report

Wed, May 10, 2023

 My Boyfriend David has done everything that the state of Arizona industrial commission stated that he must do. I mailed and submitted David's medical information over 26 times and they seem to keep losing his medical information that I sent for David certified mail and his terminated lawyer Taylor and Associates Lawyer Nicholas whitley told David his client at the time because David fired him for not calling him back for 3-months but his lawyer stated that the Arizona Phoenix industrial commission are incompetent and every time you do something you will have to deal with doing it over and over again a dozen times until they learn how to do their job correctly But Taylor and Associates lawyer Nicholas whitley Also sent all required information that judge Kenneth Hill required a dozen times over and they keep requesting the same information time and time again either way; David had gotten his case put back on the calendar for a phone interview with industrial commission of Phoenix on or about the 10th of July but his boss Michael Hargis who had caused David's injury; Who has done nothing to help the situation of preventing the accident from happening and David getting hurt on his property at The Twin Lake RV resort at 801S Lee street Saint David Arizona 85630 Michael Hargis has avoided paying David's injury that he caused and Not once came to the hospital to see how bad he hurt David for violating the OSHA LAWS in which caused this severe injury. David received a phone call from Michael Hargis on May 1st 2023 asking if he received the dismissed Arizona industrial commission letter? because they dropped David's injury case because he Michael Hargis paid judge Kenneth Hill a large sum of money and he judge Kenneth Hill dropped David's severe injury workers compensation case that David sustained at The Twin Lake RV Resort located at 801S Lee Street Saint David Arizona 85630. On June 21st 2021 at 9:00 am And today my boyfriend received this letter from the Phoenix Arizona industrial commission. How can a judge Kenneth Hill violate the law by committing a crime against a seriously injured worker that was working at an employment The Twin Lake RV Resort that occurred at the Twin Lake RV Resort located at 801S Lee Street Saint David Arizona 85630 on June 21st 2021 in which David corrected the date with the industrial commission over 37 times and they yet have put the correct date of the injury June 21st 2021 at 9:00 am. They the incompetent Phoenix Arizona industrial commission still has June 25th 2021 as the accident date? What is wrong with the incompetence of the Phoenix Arizona industrial commission? If you need to see the unusual cruel punishment that Arizona's workers compensation industrial commission has placed on my boyfriend David? I will provide them to you. David needs a lawyer who can help handle this situation and help him get justice from the criminal actions against David from judge Kenneth Hill of the industrial commission of Phoenix Arizona and Michigan Hargis and the California company partner with Michael Hargis of running this criminal company. All they had to do is pay the medical Bills for causing this injury to my boyfriend. Now Michael Hargis owner operator of Twin Lake RV resort paid the judge off as he stated on the phone in which David had the phone on speaker and I heard everything that was stated that Michale paid the judge off and then a couple of days later David received the letter of dismissing his case by judge Kenneth Hill. Please help me any Attorney with this case otherwise I will be bringing David to the media. Michael Hargis of Twin Lakes RV Resort and judge Kenneth Hill has damaged David for life because of this work injury and the judge Kenneth Hill and Michael Hargis Keep playing cruel unusual punishment games with David's life. l am furious that Michael Hargis and judge Kenneth Hill are worse than Aldof Hitler because Aldof Hitler did not treat the jews as cruel in the Concentration camps as Michael Hargis and judge Kenneth Hill have abused my boyfriend and have put his life in jeopardy because of the serious work injury and bone infection David has because of this work injury and he will die because nobody listens or cares and REWARDS an corrupt employer. I will wait your response and then I will be mailing this corruption with the Twin Lake RV Resort and the industrial commission of Phoenix Arizona because Michael Hargis paid off the Phoenix Arizona industrial commission of Arizona and then they dismissed David case and care less that the injury that the Twin Lakes RV Resort located at 801S Lee Street Saint David Arizona 85630 will take his life because the bone infection is getting really bad and is spreading. If the criminal actions against David does not stop I will be requesting Russia and China to get involved because America talks about human Rights being violated in Russia and China and America has committed worse crimes against its own citizens. China and Russia will be amazed on how the American Government abuses and violates its own citizens. I can email you the information that the Arizona Phoenix industrial commission sent David stating his case would be heard July 10th 2023 and now they are dismissing Davids workers compensation claim which is costing David millions of dollars and Michael Hargis walks away Free for almost killing David because he has the money to Buy off a Judge.

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