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Complaint Review: The United States Government has made America a 3rd World Country that is completely dysfunctional and incompetent. -

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The United States Government has made America a 3rd World Country that is completely dysfunctional and incompetent.
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So do not get your immunizations because you will not be able to find out what you recieved because United States Government and the pharmacies across the country Are completely Incompetent and dysfunctional (so just keep on spreading your liver disease And COVID-19 and polio and I now am spreading as I am doing because They will not  give me my records so I will not getting any more shots. And i'm just gonna keep spreading the disease is that I already have. Hepatitis A and B covid 3- variants i'm spreading

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Highlands Ranch,
United States
The people who ultimately control the US government are the problem

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Sat, April 29, 2023

These people also control the banking system, Wall Street, the Mainstream Media, much of the Legal System, and most importantly; the minds of almost everyone living in America.

It can be proven at this site that the Mainstream Media withheld vital information regarding the collapse of the US economy and stock market crash over a year BEFORE it happened. (CBS, NBC). Bloomberg and Google also removed vital information from the web that was posted seven months BEFORE the collapse.

Simply type in 529757 at this site and read the letter that was mailed to CBS and NBC on 9/12/2007 for just one example. The letter was uploaded in Consumer Comment #87 at Ripoff Report #529757.

Bloomberg purchased BusinessWeek in 2009 for $5 Million and deleted tens of thousands of comments from ordinary Americans that appeared in the comments section at hundreds of BusinessWeek articles. Simply type in 1511695 at this site in order to read a page of comments from February of 2008, which was seven months BEFORE the stock market crash and Global Banking Meltdown.

The entire system in America is corrupt. That is precisely why the country is collapsing. Nothing is going to stop what is about to happen. Another stock market and bond market crash is imminent.

So, to sum it all up in a nutshell the reasons that our country is collapsing right in front of everyone’s eyes is because FRAUD, DECEPTION, MANIPULATION, GREED, TRICKERY, DEEP CORRUPTION, and the CONSTANT PURSUIT TO FINANCIALLY INJURE THE INNOCENT PEOPLE LIVING HERE AND ALL OVER THE WORLD has become the foundation of our government and much of our economy, mainly Wall Street.

All of it is being EXPOSED. The exposure is creating opinions; negative opinions. These negative opinions will soon trigger another collapse of our system. Just watch.

Have a great weekend!


Highlands Ranch,
United States

#3Consumer Comment

Sat, April 29, 2023

Wasn’t spread in the air by specially equipped planes, like the virus obviously was. However, anyone can type in 555030 at this site and click on Ripoff Report #555030 and the song might be posted this evening or tomorrow April 29, 2023.

Thank you for sharing your Ripoff Report with everyone. Feel free to upload a picture of yourself so we can see what you look like. That way we’ll be able to put on our masks if you’re in the grocery store next to us while we’re shopping for our extremely expensive food.

Have a wonderful weekend, and feel free to type in 1491338 at this site and read Bobby’s Ripoff Report. (Ripoff Report #1491338)

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