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Complaint Review: BOSTON ADOPTION BUREAU & MARILYN SPEISER - Boston Massachusetts

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14 Beacon St, Ste #616 Boston, 02108 Massachusetts, U.S.A.
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This report is to warn young mothers of any age who are in the position of deciding whether or not to adopt your baby out using the Boston Adoption Bureau on Beacon St., Boston, MA.

I was 26, mother of 2 sons, and pregnant. In February, 1990, I decided that I would give my baby up for adoption and found the Boston Adoption Bureau in the yellow pages. I spent every other week during the last 6 months of my pregnancy meeting with a counselor from the adoption agency at my home. I felt very comfortable with her and never once thought I was being coerced into something I didn't want to do.

The day came, July 30, 1991, when labor was to be induced since I was over-do. I had chosen a family and had spoken to them over the phone. When my baby was born, it was discovered that he had heart disease and would have to be rushed to New England Medical Ctr. I had signed paperwork allowing the owner of the adoption agency, Marilyn Speiser, to speak to the Dr's about my son's condition. She constantly hounded the medical staff to the point where the cardiologist called me complaining about this. In the meantime, my family had cancelled the adoption process as my son was most likely terminally ill. I decided that I could not give my son up until I knew he would live a normal life. Still, the agency wouldn't stop calling the Drs and they even kept trying to adopt my son out, even though they did not have my signature allowing them to do this.

The day came, 2 months later, that I was called by the hospital to plan on taking my son home. I had severe panic disorder and could not drive 20 miles into Boston and none of my family would help me out. The agency counselor told me that I could voluntarily put my son in their foster care until I was well enough to take my son into my home. I read the document thoroughly and it said all I had to do was give them 24 hour notice, and my son would be released to me.

I called Marilyn and told her I wanted to pick my son up. She belittled me, told me I wasn't equipped to care for an ill baby, that I didn't have insurance. I had Blue Cross/Blue Shield for my family and I was more than ready to bring my son home. I got into my car and drove into Boston to speak to her personally. The office was empty except for the two of us. She took me into her office, closed the door, and threw a piece of paper and pencil at me and told me that my request needed to be in writing, and that if I did that, she would take me to court and say I was unfit! I stood there in tears. I was 26! I had two sons ages 6 and 4 and was married, though going through a divorce. Who was she to say I was unfit?! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I left her office and that day, received a call from her attorney telling me to be in court the next day.

On September 17, 1991, Marilyn Speiser stood before a judge and lied stating I was unable to care for this very ill baby. My pro-bono lawyer, Philip M. Doherty of Boston, said absolutely NOTHING in my defense. Not ONE word!! The judge turned my son over to state foster care! To a couple who smoked! My son was a cardiac patient who, while in this couple's care, was rushed to the hospital in congestive heart failure! He had open heart surgery In November, and when I was told he was ready to return home, I called this so-called-lawyer of mine, and told him about the smoking foster parents. Do you know how fast the state turned my son over to me? They gave me physical custody, but failed to give me legal custody.

On December 26, 1991, my baby son passed away in my home due to complications of heart disease. I had spent only a short time with him and most of the time I was fighting for him. His older brothers barely got to know him. The hell that the Boston Adoption Bureau and Marilyn Speiser brought to my family is beyond what any young mother should ever have to endure. And today, almost 9 years later, I am still disgusted and just as angry as I was back then. I am angry that I didn't bring this agency down years ago along with that pro-bono lawyer.

Please, if you are thinking of giving your baby up for adoption, DO NOT use the BOSTON ADOPTION BUREAU on Beacon St, Boston. They will only deceive you. Everything seems legitimate, and they put on a good show acting so caring, but they are only backing you into a corner. I signed NOTHING that allowed them to adopt my child out. I changed my mind and it's every women's right to change her mind! Don't let anyone tell you what to do...EVER! I was 26...an adult....and I fear what these people are doing to girls younger than I was.

I want this agency investigated and brought to justice! Marilyn Speiser took the life of my son for her own personal gain! I'll never forget the look on her face when the judge said my son would go into foster care until further investigation. I was in tears, and she turned and smiled this evil smile at me as if to say, "Ha ha, if I can't have him, niether can you." And the audacity of my lawyer to tell me to not cry in front of the judge! And what mother wouldn't cry as her son was taken away from her?! What a sick world we live in....

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