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Complaint Review: Marlboro Gear - London Kentucky

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- Sunnyside, NY,

Marlboro Gear
P.O. Box 46000 London, 40746 Kentucky, U.S.A.
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Sometime in the late summer of 2000 I mailed in my Marlboro Miles and $40 for "shipping costs" with about two months to spare untill the September deadline. This was done sometime back in August. Here it is Dec. 20, four months later and of course there is no sign of any package. This makes me extremely upset not only because I exchanged years of my life for some cheesy a*s Marlboro (advertisement) gear, but because of the amount of money I had to spend to do it.

I paid $5.00 for a padded envelope to send the miles in, plus $11.00 to ship the miles certified next day air so they would get there withot question. Included in the envelope was a check for $40.00 to cover the cost of shipping which according to my bank,was cashed. Alltogether, it cost me $56.00 (plus my heart, lungs and soul) to be ripped off by Marlboro.

I wrote a letter directly to the company complaining about my order but I never received any correspondence letter. I included in my letter a copy of the cashed check as well as the receipt from the post office showing that the miles were received by the company. I am also going to file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and have them investigate this further.

Why do billion dollar industries like Phillip Morris a.k.a. Marlboro still victimize their consumers with these marketing scams after all of the money they swindle us out of annually. I guess the real question is Why do we allow them to keep getting away with these kind of games? Are we all to brainwashed, addicted, and apathetic to Boycott brands like Marlboro? It is obvious that in the end of the Tobacco Industry's evil reign of powerful corruption, it is obvious that we (the smokers) will be losers of the war for our health and well-being, but can't we at least get our Marlboro Gear consilation prizes in a fair manner?

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Delray Beach,
United States
to ALL who get screwed by Marlboro. Altria.com, parent companies legal department number is 1-804-274-2200

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Fri, February 09, 2018

My friend. Hopefully these con artists aty marlboro.com finally got you your prizes. In case they didnt, contact their parent companies legal department directly at 1-804-274-2200. You would be suprised at how Altria dislikes the way Marlboro treats Altrias child company marlboros customers and will help, even getting you one of Altrias attorneys to get after Marlboro to get you what you won. Worked for me so sharing the love. PLEASE pass the number around to help others who get screwed over by the scam company marlboro.


Marlboro Gear

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Wed, October 27, 2004

I have been sending in Marlboro Miles for many years now. I have never had a problem, once in a while a wait may occur because of backordering, but other than that my orders have always come. When I have had to call for something,the service people always go out of their way to help. I'm sorry that this person seems to have a problem, but I agree that these complaints seem like something coming from a spoiled child. And the idea of blaming the company for taking your lungs and health is ludicrous. If you don't think something is good for you, then quit. No one is making you smoke. Its your choice - that is why we live in America. My son is in the Marines, risking his life so you can have choice - Don't abuse it or take it for granted!


I've never had a serious problem getting my Marlboro Gear

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Fri, August 09, 2002

I've been getting Marlboro Gear for about 4 years now. I admit that it was easier when the catalogs could be obtained at stores. But even with the new proceedures, it's really not that difficult. It seems that once you have been listed in their database, they send you coupons, and catalogs periodically. And I don't have to keep sending picture IDs with my orders. I mailed off 3800 miles today, and if the response is anything like it has been in the past, I expect to receive my items in about 6-8 weeks. If anyone has a problem receiving their gear, they should call the (1-800-MARLBORO) number to check on their order. The only problem I ever had was: one time I received the wrong gear. I called the number, and the operator gave me instructions on how to return the gear without paying any extra shipping costs. I received my correct gear in a very timely manner. Remember that the Marlboro catalog states that shipments could take 14-16 weeks (that's up to 4 months). The bottom line is that nothing is perfect. If and when a problem arises, it is important to contact the company and try to establish a single "contact person" within the company you can contact for future instructions/questions. Honestly ..... some of these complaints seem rather impulsive and childish. Good Luck


Got my gear in fair manner

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Wed, May 08, 2002

I have been getting gear each year for three years now I tape my miles in 100 mile bundles to make processing easier make sure I have valid copy of ID and proper amount of postage last year my wife over paid postage by $8.00 and they not only sent my gear but a check for the over paid $8.00 also I dont remember how long it took to get gear but I dont feel it was to long I do know of friends who like to play games when mailing for gear and they seem to have a problem getting gear all I can say is what goes around comes around try to rip someone off and get riped off. signed,


New Jersey,
Have patience

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Mon, March 25, 2002

Well, I must say. My family and I have been collecting the Marlboro Miles since their inception. I have never had a problem with them sending the items I ordered. Not to mention the quality of the items are very good. I will say however that it really doesn't matter when you send in your miles. I have never recieved my items any earlier than a month after the due date. Also they tend to hold your shipment if there is an item that is back-ordered or if they must contact you for a substitution item. In closing I would like to say have a little patience. The world doesn't revolve around one person. They are a business and like all businesses they have SOPs(standard operating procedures). If you never recieve your items is one thing, but from experience it could take up to six months from the deadline date. But I always get the gear....... Have Patience.

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