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Complaint Review: Tamra Walker QFC Queens County Family Court - Queens Jamaica

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Stanley - Putnam Valley , NY, United States

Tamra Walker QFC Queens County Family Court
Queens, Jamaica, United States
(718) 298-0197
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RatKind Judge, lying under oath, provides business to friends mentioned in this https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/30/nyregion/acs-legal-aid-lawyers-facebook-posts.html. Also supports  https://www.intellinews.com/top-us-law-firm-handles-deal-for-sanctioned-putin-ally-93353/ and assigns cases to Anthony Augustus -- https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/11432-ny-anthony-augustus-947947.html). Does not respond to motions, provides direct support to fascist entities, uses my criticism of Russia against me, and makes antisemitic attacks. Disconnected my child and allowed the mother, with a Russian passport and authority associations, to take the child abroad. Beware of this crooked and dishonest judge.

 1**  Delayed process with dangerous incompetence: Despite the order that the 6-year-old child spends every  Sunday travelling for around 5-6 hours in a car, mother should pick up the child after dark in a remote area near a national park. The court also ordered that the child spend 3-4 hours twice a month with the father, family, and her sister. -- Later in June 9 month later  she stated that becouse she did not know where is Putnam Valley ( could not use Google Maps i assume as well as being from Bronx ) 

Assighne the friend to the case Known Buller Racists and the person who directly supported fascist entry 

Madelyne Mostiller https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/30/nyregion/acs-legal-aid-lawyers-facebook-posts.html

Ignored all my statements that  being from Kharkiv Ukraine i can't sign anything drafted by 


2** Failure of Proper Notification: On seven separate occasions, we were egregiously denied proper notification. Walker ruled against me every time protecting the corrupted entry 

3**  Historical and Educational Content:

Addressing concerns about inappropriate educational content, the court should acknowledge the importance of historically accurate teachings. Especially in light of ongoing Russian aggression, any teachings promoting hate, racism, and antisemitic Nazism, such as referring to certain groups derogatorily, must be scrutinized and prevented. For instance, the court incorrectly referred to Don Cossacks as a nationality and decided that I am Ukrainian without considering historical context. Some information’s to bring lite on the subject Source: 1st SS Cossack Cavalry Division. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1st_SS_Cossack_Cavalry_Division , on next slide Don Cossack gets reward from Narcist commander doctor Gebels.. As well as same group responsible for the 1905 Jewish pogroms, and other crimes etc. THE CHILD should not associate here self with morons vc mother believes and her family believes that’s its is here nationality and court should not support Nazism Entire as well Antisemitic attack observed should be stopped and responsible should face “circumstances “ , it should not be repeated again note it was used as reason to disconnect Alice if we are not dealing with Nazism, in addition to the suggestion of following NYTIMES article that’s we are dealing with Racist? responsible for very ugly act Described in https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/30/nyregion/acs-legal-aid-lawyers-facebook-posts.html . Its not clear why when person fired from one gov Agency has access to tax pairs money from different agency

There should be no privilege, the racism and fascism as well as bulling does not have colors the child lawyer must not be used in my case in any other case especially counting conflicts of the interests described before , the police report she made direct laying and other. It bring question if the judge is honest and how judge potentially benefits from giving such individual cases, by the way paid from tax money. all the way

4 Consistent Support of Corruption: The court administration must investigate the ongoing support and assignment of incompetent individuals like Anthony Augustus to my case. Despite multiple reports and complaints against him, he continues to be assigned to my case ( officially) and paid for same . I request the court

5. administration to investigate potential benefits the judge might receive from assigning such individuals This must be stopped, and an investigation is crucial to ensure fairness and transparency. I want to highlight that the lawyer with very fishy reputations ( Toni Marvis stole my money ( paid for both cases 7k ) as well as he received a release from judge when I asked to interfere here is references which speaks for itself intentionally or not and judge Walker supported corrupted attorney, as well did it with smile it sounds as “ I against lawyer ???”➔

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Judge Walker's decision to allow the mother to take doughter and potentially disappear is extremely risky given the family's connections to Russian intelligence and ongoing contact of Russian relatives with FSB operatives. BEWARE VERY  BAD CROOKED JUDGE 

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